Orthodontics for every age
Rólunk mondták
K. Adrienn, 16 éves

„Orsi doktornő kedves, türelmes, kérdéseimre mindig odafigyelt, igyekezett teljesíteni. Bármikor rendelkezésre állt. Eleinte féltem a kezelésektől, de óvatossága és közvetlensége megnyugtatott. Bátran merem ajánlani mindenkinek!”
Adult orthodontics
We can start the orthodontic treatment at any age. Because of the lifelong remodelling potential of the bone surrounding the teeth, there is no need to be concerned about our teeth not „hardening back” at the age of 30 or 40. There is no neeed to worry about more pain or having to wear metallic braces. Types of modern adult orthodontic appliances.

Many people did not have braces as a child, or remember it as an unsuccessful attempt. Nowadays more and more adults realize that it is not too late to start a treatment at a later age. It is easy to admit that a transitional period of braces is woth the sacrifice, as with nice, regular teeth You can be more successfull and confident in your relationships at your work or in your private life. Teeth that are regularry taken care of suggest a person who is caring and ambitious in all fields of Life.