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Patrik K., 20

”I recommend to all young people to care about their teeth, because this is at least as important as fashionable clothes or a cell phone."

Welcome to my website!
I'm Dr. Orsolya Topa, orthodontic specialist. I am expecting You and your children with pleasure in all 4 of my locations in Budapest: in the 17th, 2nd and 11th districts. I can answer Your questions regarding an orthodontic treatment, and by selecting the suitable appliance type I will make your smile even more brilliant!

In our modern life fashionable clothing and haircut are no longer enough a good appearance, but regular and white teeth are also essential. This was not always the case, however, as replacing a mising tooth, the regulation of teeth has also have become an indispensable part of our appearance, and orthodontics plays a larger and larger role in our life. For example, very protruding teeth can adversly affect our appearance and image, and this is never too late to change!

It is my pleasure to see my patients’ life changing throughout orthodontics. By the straightening of the teeth-altough what we do is much more than that-their self-confidence is getting bigger and they feel much better in their own skin and environment.
Another argument for orthodontics is the maintenance of oral health. Try as you might, this can not be effective enough if the teeth are very crowded or prevent the mouth closing. The exposed surfaces might be damaged. Why not prevent this? "Ah well .... It is good enough for me ..." No, it is not! Do not be pusillanmous, but start! Orthodontic treatment can be started almost at any age.
You can also have stunningly beautiful teeth , it is no longer only a dream. Meet our friendly and professional team and visit one of our clinics!
Apply for your free consultation: +36 70 2053373

How do I benefit from orthodontics?
  • I can feel free to smile at my family and my friends
  • I will have more self-confidence wherever I appear
  • My profile can be improved
  • My teeth will be easier to clean
  • There will be less tartar on my teeth, I will need less professional cleaning
  • I will have healthier teeth and gums
  • I can avoid the losening of the teeth
  • I will I be able to chew and bite better
  • My lips will close better
  • If I had speech problems, they might lessen
  • My chewing joint problems may resolve or the development of symptoms will be prevented
  • My teeth will wear less
  • If replacements are needed, they will be easier to prepare and will be longer lasting.
  • In some cases, the gap caused by the loss of a tooth  can be closed by braces, eliminating the need for bridges or implants
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