Not just braces, beautiful faces
Rólunk mondták
K. Patrik, 20 éves

"Minden fiatalnak ajánlom, hogy rendszeresen törődjön a fogaival, mert ez ugyanolyan fontos, mint a divatos ruha vagy mobiltelefon."
Why Topa orthodontics?
  • I can get high quality for a reasonable price
  • We can select together with the doctor the most suitable orthodontic treatment and appliance
  • They are specialized in orthodontics, thus they have big experience
  • I can confidentally turn to them with any problem
  • They are expecting me in a pleasant atmosphere, so there is no need to be scared
  • Short waiting time, everyone arrives in a pre-sheduled time
  • I can chose from more locations
  • There is a possibility to cooperate with my general dentist (filling, prosthetics)
  • They are partners with many insurance companies