It's never too late for the perfect smile
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M. Kitti, 22 éves

„Dr. Topa Orsolya a legjobb választás, ha fogszabályozó orvost keres! Neki köszönhetően már bátran mosolyoghatok és szépek, egészségesek a fogaim. Nem is csoda, hogy már a húgom is megkezdte nála fogainak szabályozását. Rendkívül kedves és közvetlen minden páciensével.”
Course of the treatment
What can we expect after we decided to commence orthodontics?

During the first personal consultation you will  get information about the possibilities in an informal conversation. You will be informed about the severeness of the case, expected duration, costs and alternatives. Then you can take your time to think about it. If you decide to go on, after making impressions , photographs and X-rays a detailed treatment plan will be prepared.The third encounter is usually also a discussion: the treatment plan and upcoming quiestions will be discussed. Then the appliance can be ordered and placed on a day which is suitable for the patient.
One always has to get used to wearing the device, the time of which depens on the individual and the case , but is generally problemless. If you have any discomfort, do not be afraid to ask for an extraordinary consultation! It is recommended to start wearning the removable device gradually: only 1-2 hours a day at first , then a few days later, one can try to wear it for the night. The more one wears it during the day, the easier to get used to it. Relating the fixed braces, mucosal irritation is the most common problem: it's a bit like getting used to a new hiking boot.
Later on,  monthly controls will be necessary, when the orthodontic appliance will be adjusted in order to provide continuous , steady forces , and the device will always be adapted to the constantly changing position of the teeth.
At the end of treatment one should not forget to wear a retention appliance.