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K. Enikő, 17 éves

„Orsi doktornő nagyon kedves, barátságos és vidám. Közvetlen, figyelmes és türelmes. Folyamatosan törekszik, hogy a kezelések fájdalommentesek legyenek. Ezért bátran ajánlom annak, aki fél kicsit a fogszabályozásba belevágni.”
Oral hygene

Suitable oral hygene is the base of everything. When cleaning is incomplete, the bacteria in the dental plaque can cause decays, inflammation of the gum or losening of the teeth. Just imagine: after the orthodontic treatment your orthodontist finally removes your braces and holds up the mirror to reveal perfectly straight teeth...filled with cavities! Don't let this nightmare happen to you, clean your teeth and braces with care.
If one does not manage to clean well enough, let’s not hesitate to ask for the help of the dental personal!
It is important to individually find a simple and logical sequence of movements that we can remember and follow every time. This way neither of the surfaces of the teeth will be left out.
Brush the outer surface of your teeth in small circles, wiggling the brush from right to left or from left to right, on the upper and lower jaws. After this, place your brush in 45° angle on the junction of tooth and gum, and losen the plaque with brooming motions directed away from the gum towards the teeth.
Next, repeat the procedure on the inner surface, on both sides and both jaws.
You can clean the inner surface of the incisors by holding the brush perepndicularly, removing the plaque with moves directed away from the gum towards edge of teeth
After all, let’s clean the chewing surface, remove the plaque from every little cavity and nook with circular motions.
Finally: dont’t forget the tongue, as bacteria might deposit on this, too.
The more you practice the right moves, the better they will be remembered and become natural after a while. All this is worth the sacrifice, as a technique will be acquired that helps to maintain the health of your teeth for a lifetime!

In case you have fixed barces, you have to spend much more time with cleaning your teeth. Better use some additional help, too.
1. Brushing. Brush your teeth at least 3 times daily with manual or electric toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. Do as written in the How to brush? part, but even more thoroughly and more gently. Use small circular motions, above, below and between the brackets, and straight moves directed downwards on the upper jaw, and upwards in the lower. Pay particular attention to the areas where the teeth and gums, as well as where the applienace and the teeth/gums meet. The procedure shall last at least three minutes.
2. Flossing (Superfloss). The special floss has a stiff end that you can easily insert between the teeth. The hairy, middle section does the cleaning. Guide the floss on the side of the teeth. Continue threading and flossing until you've cleaned between each tooth and behind the last tooth.
3. Clean the hard-to reach areas of your teeth with interdental brush. This is very important! Available in short and long-handled versions, select the one you prefer!
4. Antibacterial mouthwash. Use it as often as possible. Available in alcohol-containing and alcohol free versions. 
5. Additional, local fluoride therapy (e.g. Elmex gel). Already one use weekly reduces the risk of tooth decay. In the evening, after brushing place a pea-sized dose on your toothbrush, rub it in your teeth, but do not rinse! 
6. Wax. In case irritations or wounds caused by the brace occur in the mouth, use a little bit of pretection wax, which helps recovery! If necessary, consult your physician! 
7. Replace your toothbrush more often, be sure to get a new toothbrush every three months, as braces have a tendency to wear brushes down quickly.
8. During the day or when traveling keep a traveling pocket toothbrush with you, or at least rinse your mouth with water! 
9. Consult your orthodontist for any specific brushing and flossing instructions, as well products recommendations.
10. Ask for professional cleaning more often than before!

  1. Wash the appliance with toothbrush and toothpaste wash every morning and evening, then rinse with lukewarm (not hot!) water! Avoid any deformations.
  2. Occasionally soak it in disinfectant liquid available in drugstores!
  3. Do not wear duing meals!
  4. Always clean your mouth before placing the appliance!
  5. When not worn, store it in a safe place, in its own case!