Rólunk mondták
K. Juli, 9 éves

„Havonta egyszer jövök Orsi doktornőhöz, s mindig állít kicsit a fogszabályozómon. Simán tudok vele aludni minden éjjel, ha van időm, otthon délután is hordom, nem kényelmetlen.”
Eating with braces

It is not recommended to eat hard foods (apples, popcorn, toast, peanut, etc.), sticky foods (caramel, candies. chewing gum) with a fixed orthodontic appliance. These can damage the small parts of the brace, and can cause discomfort, as you need to chew them heavily.

Consume generally less sweets because they are very harmful sticking into the tiny components of the braces. Apart from the above, you may eat everything very carefully, possibly chopped into small pieces with a knife and fork.