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„Azért szeretek Orsi nénihez járni, mert jó illat van a rendelőben és mindig kapok valamit apró ajándékot.”
Orthodontics for children
Children's orthodontics is a great possibility. During the growth period, the growth of the teeth, jaw and face can be influenced, and excellent results can be achieved easily, so one should not miss this opportunity! It is recommended to show the child of 7-9 years of age to an orthodontic specialist because then the anomalies can be corrected with simple , removable retainers thus avoiding the need of a more expensive and longer fixed-device treatment. Severe cases may be pre-treated, and the dreaded tooth extraction will almost certainly be avoided.Coming for the first visit in this age ensures the optimal timing of orthodontics . You might as well come earlier for an indroduction, at 5-7 years of age, especially if you perceive something etraordinary in your child’s dentition . However, in this age it might be to early start the treatment . 9-12 years of age, the beginning of adolescence is also a very good time for orthodontics, as it is the time of the most intensive growth. A well-worn and well-chosen device can work wonders! Over 12 years of age, in the permanent dentition mostly fixed braces are used. These devices provide a great opportunity for regulation, but move rather the teeth than have an orthopedic effect. If the anomaly is pronounced, older age often means a lengthier treatments. Therefore, it’s absolutely worth to start on time, but it is never too late: orthodontic treatment can be started at any age. Types of modern orthodontic appliances for children.